Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Smurf Blue

Dabbling with the stamps with blue ink meant getting my hands dirty and being another stinking hot day in Adelaide I was not going to wear gloves. So now I have a lovely shade of blue adorning my ever so elegant hands. I have never had very delicate looking hands  and you could liken them to the hands of the peasants in The Potato Eaters, by the flying Dutchman himself, Vincent Van Gough. I really am getting back to my Dutch heritage today. A Dutch smurf it is then!
 Trialling the thistle screen
I had to add more screen filler in places where I missed particularly on the edge of the screen. That ink manages to squeeze through the tiniest of places.

Next time I'll measure and place the screen to give a regular print. I also wont allow the dog inside because she kept running over the material when it was drying. But what are you to do, its stinking hot and I wouldn't want to be locked outside on such a scorching day.

Managed to utilize the stamp with fabric ink by dabbing the ink on with an ordinary kitchen sponge. Of course it soaks through the sponge and hence my smurf characteristics.

Any ho, thanks for stopping by again and I cant wait to see what everybody comes up with for the fabric swap.

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  1. Your new prints are lovely.
    Lucky it's a pretty colour you have staining your hands. Brown wouldn't be a good look.


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