Friday, 15 March 2013


 I picked up some Christmas ornaments for 50 cents each - little glass birds on a nest. I picked up feathers  on my way into work where the rainbow lorikeets have lost their feathers, I must have picked up 20 feathers in a few minutes just walking across the car park. Mind, you do have to beat the groundsmen whom clean the carpark each morning with big air blowers

they look cute sitting in the tree

Thrifted 3 very large jars to collect things in.

And found this wonderfful cake decorating box (I  would have bought it for the box alone) with cake decorating tools and stand still inside. The large nozzles in a cake store sell for about $7 each so if  I get a piping bag things will be grand for cake decorating with larger swirls. I do have a cake decorating nozzle and plunger set already but not one that does the large swirls.

Also purchased some more blue and white wares for my sister and forgot to photograph them before I gave them to her and the biggest reel of grey yarn for crotchet, well that is my intention anyway. My girlfriend thinks it is rug wool for weaving.

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  1. Love the birds but especially adore the cake decorating box! What a find :)


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