Friday, 1 March 2013


Friday seems to be the day that my girlfriend and I go op shopping and travel to differing areas and frequent the local op shops. Today we visited a lot of smaller community and church op shops and a couple of the larger organizations (Salvation Army Stores, Vinnies ).

The smaller stores are always run by volunteers and have more of a jumble sale feel to it. Its is often a little more haphazard in their arrangement but usually have hidden treasures to discover.

Today's' treasures Blue and white plates for my sister. Three in total , Japanese made. 

I really love the patterning on this one and was tempted to keep it myself.

They fit in beautifully with the other blue and white china she already has

 The large plate settled in with the cups and saucers I picked up thrifting a while ago

This lovely lamp shade is destined for a new life... I intend to recover it with some new handprinted fabric. If I fail the lamp bas only cost $3. Nice ovoid shape though.

A this little retro stool also earmarked for makeover, sweet. Cant wait to get started.


  1. lucky you to get those plates :) and how generous to give them away!!!

    1. If you like those plates, I have about 40 of them.


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