Saturday, 2 March 2013

Hand Printed Fabric Swap

Are you bored yet with my stamp?
I quite like it. I am finding it a challenge to get a good print consistently though.
I found that using textile ink to runny to be applied with a stamp. It is great for screen printing but doesnt give a good even coverage when applied to a rubber stamp.

My red block printing ink on the other hand is nice and tacky a gives a thick even coverage with a roller.
Do you like a consistent multiple pattern or random stamping?

It is probably too hot today to be playing with screen printing inks as they were drying out too quickly.

I had less trouble with the smaller stamp of the seed pod. Every one of them came out with a nice even print.
It makes me wonder of my leaf and lotus flower stamp doesnt give as good a print because they have been mounted on a block.

The advantage of having the stamp on the block means that it is easier to manipulate without the stamp block flexing when trying to place the print. It also means that the stamp is well clear of the work surface and I dont risk rolling the fabric as I ink the block.

My dad made one with a handle and one without. The leaf block can be inked easily on the table surface, whereas the lotus flower has to be held as you ink it, but is easier to manipulate it. No handle is also easier to store away.

Anybody have any thoughts on ink types to utilize with a larger stamp block?


  1. I LOVE your stamp and am glad that you showed us the various results. Normally, I would say I prefer consistent stamping, but for fabric I think random stamping is the way to go. Plus I love the red! You are so very talented. Please keep us posted on your "hand printed fabric swap" adventure!

  2. These are looking gorgeous! I haven't even started playing yet. Although I have gathered all of my supplies :)

  3. OH now this I love .I miss this type of swap all the time :( Im itching to try fabric loving your stamps .especially the seed pod its different and well I just love loving the randomness too.


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