Monday, 25 March 2013

I have purchased the biggest spool of yarn ever imagined. Well not quite, but it is enormous. Hunting the  op shops for grey yarn led me to spy this massive beauty for $20. I will have a life time of grey yarn out of it. It is not the softest yarn/wool being a rug wool but utilitarian all the same. Feeling obliged to utilise my purchase I decided I might as well make another rug for winter.I really like the bobble pattern and had been hankering to do a circle within a square so Sarah London s pattern printed in Homespun met this criteria.

Bright flowers in amongst the grey day. I probably should have found a brighter yellow but Spotlight at the time only had this muted colour yellow when I went shopping, so beggars cant be choosers especially when they are tired after work.

And yesterday the neighbour down the road put out this winged back chair for hard rubbish collection. It is still well sprung, no rips and the foam in good condition, just needs a fabric makeover. I'm thinking a fitted slip cover might do the trick and have had a look on line, basically a new chair for $100 dollars OR I could print up some fabric and recover it myself.....but do I really want to pull the chair apart and tackle it with the staple gun???? (Sounds to hard)
If you want to see a fabulous chair makeover look at Brooklyn to West blog - I am in love with this chair and if you have time troll back through her renovating adventures of doing up a restaurant with recycled woods - truly fab -such a clever lass and it all started in her lounge room. Just goes to show where there is a
will there is a way. Find the chair HERE

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  1. Good on you picking up that chair. Maybe you should get a quote from an upholstery place and go from there. Or your local libary might have a book or two on making slipcovers.


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