Saturday, 1 February 2014

January 2014 - the Month That Was

Was that the quickest month ever? Holy moley I barely managed a breathe! I seem to remember hiding from the heat a lot, hanging out on my bed stitching that quilt and crocheting.. not much else really.
But apparently I have done other things because I have photos to prove it...thank God for the photographic diary. Time may slip pass but so long as you push that shutter button you can be reminded later that you did do other things besides go to work and that you kind of have a life.

Oh well the month that was!
Hopefully february cools down a little!


  1. I agree! 1. January flew by and 2. Thank goodness we take photos, otherwise the month would be a blur:) I may have been remiss recently in commenting on your posts, but I always look forward to them!

  2. I'm with you, January has flown by. I cant believe it's been a month since Christmas already.
    You've certainly had a productive January though.


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