Saturday, 8 February 2014

Pelicans On the Pat

My drive to work in the morning usually takes me past the Patawalonga River. Going to work at 6am does not make it conducive to stopping and taking some photos of my fine feathered friends. On the way from night duty yesterday I thought I would plan and stop to visit these lolling birds. The most I have ever seen hanging around is 5 or 6 birds but today they were gathered all in a row just for me...actually I think it has something to do with the extreme hot weather and the fishing at sea might be a bit off or the fact that there is a lot of run off water flowing into the river this morning and maybe fishing was good for the birds here...who knows..obviously the birds do!

I was standing on a stairway leading to a locked gate and took photos through the grilled wire fencing

the water looks mucky but this pelican is lolling around near a rubbish grate and the water run off is churning the water. The pelican is hoping for a free feed



  1. Oh I don't know.....I think that they were all waiting just for you just because they knew that you would take oodles of purty photos of them!! Gorgeous photos Monique!!

  2. you are so lucky to see shore birds every day. I only see them when I'm in North Carolina on the coast-so beautiful! You captured their grace!!


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