Saturday, 22 February 2014

Denim Blue Pillow Cover- Hand Printing

Im a little bit excited about this printing.. I really like it..perhaps maybe a little inspired by the blackberries I picked yesterday and all those thorny barbs that I seemed to have caught my arm on .
The picture below particularly gives you a fair idea of what i was up against..look at the size of those things. Jordana says my arm looks like I have been trying to cut myself! Lol, they are a little torn to shreds but for all those lovely berries it was worth it.

I also fought against the biggest inch ants I have ever seen. I swore really loudly when I got bitten by one (I wish I had my camera out  just to show you how big it was. Their pincers really break the skin. It was very fortuitous that we had stopped at a bakery on the way to blackberry picking and they had apple cider vinegar for sale (with the Mother included)  and I actually bought some. So when I got bitten I was able to dab some on the bite and it took the sting out of it straight away..somebody up there loves me

Anyway back to the print. I thought I would make a pillow out of this one and the striped flowers could be the backing..or reversible pillow.

Below I was mucking around .. knid of making a wheel flower but I found placement diffiidult. It was hard to judge how far to place the next flower and allow for the spinning leaves of both patterns. It is also very time consuming!

We filled up that container - at least a couple of kilos worth and two other containers full of berries...berriicious!


  1. My, I can see why you are excited, Monique. These two prints are wonderful. It is amazing how many exciting designs you come up with each time. I like a gal who conquers all to get to her prize!!

    1. Kim email me your address and a colour preference

  2. Your hand stamped fabric designs are wonderful. I had to laugh at your blackberry picking adventure. I wander into the wooded areas near our home and also pick blackberries. The thorns are terrible so I try to cover every part of my body. Right now, we are covered with several feet of snow so I only dream.

  3. lovely stamping and the berries! oh we are knee deep in winter and your berry picking makes me smile :)


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