Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Art Forms In Nature

The  Adelaide Festival Fringe is just around the corner and provides spectacular entertainment and many visual treats for over a month.
I love the fact that the entertainment is so varied, both in price and quality and sometimes you stumble across the gem in the rough that turns to something bigger later on.
Its great fun at any rate!

I have fallen in love with the artwork for this years theme of the Fringe festival.
The work is "Art forms in nature" which relates to 160 million year old fossils of the Flinders Ranges
by Ernest Haeckel.
I love the patterning and detail in this
I've taken plenty of photos of the print so you can drool over it too.

Entertainment venue by the Torrens River...eat, drink and be entertained by many

Briefly I stopped in town yesterday to visit Births Deaths and Marriages building...I need a marriage certificate for a passport and only have my certificate from the church.  Apparently they have moved and dont like to advertise on the internet that they have also changed their name to something like customer/consumer advice service...The government of South Australia trying to baffle its citizens hoping that we will all give up and not bother them I imagine.

On the way back I went to the Adelaide Science Exchange to see what  Fringe events will be held there. Last year I missed the most enormous and fabulous display of crochet of the ocean flora. They still have pics on their web site.
Whilst at their counter I spied this little beauty which is a tiny piece of that display.

A quick duck into the show room / gallery to view.. Life in the micro cosmos...it appeals to my sense of patterning

Butterfly wing under electron microscope

 I have no idea!

Hollyhock pollen under electron microscope

The science exchange is an old building and I suspected they would have some stained glass or interesting wood work somewhere so I went for a quick look around. At the very top of the staircase is a lovely stained glass which was donated to the Adelaide Stock Exchange...me thinks this building may have been our stock exchange at one time. Something for me to investigate on another visit but I had limited parking time for my car(not enough change in my purse) and the council is fairly vigilant of their parking spaces...Just as i was arriving back to my car with not a moment to spare so was the parking inspector making his way to give me a ticket...made it by the skin of my teeth!

A lovely bit of patterning in the post office building

And one of the sculptures from the Brighton Sculpture display making its way through town..maybe to a new home who knows!


  1. oh wow all your photos are AMAZING ! im loving the fossil art work so very interesting .The crochet coral is just WOW .the colours are vibrant I bet it looked pretty Amazing in real life...Gah I wish I could crochet {note to self time to learn !! } hahaha ive been noticing patterns on things lately and wip out the phone camera so inspiring.Im loving the stain glass windows.the butterfly wing looks so paper thin but beautiful and delicate..
    Glad you made it back to your car in time :)
    hugs xo

  2. Our world is filled with visual gorgeousness isn't it. Good luck with the marriage certificate....the office of Deaths, Births & Marriages can be a very frustrating and scary place!!


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