Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Stamping = Geranium leaf


Trying to stamp an under colour and then over stamp to imprint veins - mmm my stamps dont match up and I think I knew that. There are elements of this I like but when you look at the entire printing cloth I am not really impressed, Luckily it can be cut up into tiny little pieces.. well bits and pieces.

Got  my marriage certificate = wrong date of birth! Go figure..well I have four months to sort that one out.

Ps.. The picture of the seed pods (2 posts ago = racous birds) is not Jacaranda but I do have access to them Sharmayne and will send them on to you... I dont know what tree that was but it looked like the jacaranda leaf...maybe its a stink bomb tree..anyway my apologies

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  1. I love what you come up with your stamping and how your experimenting produces such different effects. Don't the two photos offset your printing's almost as if you printed those as well!!


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