Thursday, 20 February 2014

Printed Stuff - A Compilation

I was looking in my stamp box after finishing printing the blue denim flower and saw I was getting quite a collection of stamp blocks. This led me to start to look over previous prints that I've made and I then  decided to put them all together in a quick photographic display.
Printed stuff and what I've made with it...

Well that's tha, back to the printing Block!


  1. Wow oh Wow!! I am completely speechless (now that's a first)!! Pray tell....why aren't you famous and designing for the madding crowd??

    1. Thank you, you are very kind. i think I will employ you as my PR person. probably am to inconsistent to in production to get any recognition especially if you dont sell much of the stuff. Thanks again. email me your address x

  2. I absolutely adore the print of the two birds.
    My dad passed away 2 months ago and he was a very fond bird watcher.
    Every bird I see now, reminds me of him.

    I still miss him very much.


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