Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Denim Blue Stamping

Don't you just love blue and white colourings?  It is always fresh, never goes out of fashion and suits everybody.
For a while now I have been wanting to print in navy blue but can never find the right coloured blue printing ink, so I decided to mix my own colour.
The risk of mixing your own colour is that you may just produce muck - which becomes very expensive in terms of ink and when you do produce something you like you will never be able to produce that colour in the exact same way how much do you mix??

Last night I decided it was time to carve a new stamp. I had been toying with the idea of producing something inspired by the Adelaide Festival Fringe artwork - By Ernest Haeckel, view here so see full display of this print.
Nature is very good at repetition and is very precise in its patterning.There is lots to inspire. I on the other hand am not so precise and would never dream of competing with mother nature, so have kept my design simple to make the carving a little simpler

By no means perfect, but in repetition is effective

Of course I ran out of ink and couldn't fill my length of after mixing another batch I decided to change the type of print and mix it up a little.
It's hard to see here but there is a difference in colour - the second mixing is darker ( you can see it in the last photo)

So that's my afternoon of printing.. no plans for the material yet.
Cheers Monique x


  1. Hi Monique, I love you printing! The pattern with both stamps and the two shades of blue looks fabulous, clever you! What are you going to make with the fabric? Your carving looks pretty precise to me, I think nature is the best for inspiring shapes and patterns, you just can't beat it! have a great week, Julie x

  2. Yes, I agree blue and white is always refreshing, one never tires of it. You are such a clever designer, Monique. Both these designs are truly remarkable, but I particularly love the 'mix it up a bit' design, it draws my eyes in with the detail. So much scope for the imagination in transferring this lovely fabric into a stitched piece.

  3. I love how you became creative on the bottom half of the fabric! I could never think of anything so clever. I used to decorate with blues for many many years. It's a soothing color to surround yourself with.

  4. Hi Monique - really lovely stamping. I love the design of your stamps and keeping to one colour keeps it fresh and clean. I've done quilt a bit of printing with thickened procion dyes but I've never tried inks. Anyway, hope you post what you end up doing with this fabric. I am now off to explore the rest of your blog.

    1. thanks for dropping by. The inks are premixed fabric inks I use Derivan screen ink mainly and some Permaset. I am not sure what procion dyes are and will look up on the net!

  5. Hi Monique,

    I am smitten by your prints and appreciate the little details and work that go into each stamp.

    New to your blog and Adelaide,


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