Saturday, 12 January 2013

Eye Candy

Sometimes you just cant help yourself. Its like I've got a disease! The mosaic rash is spreading through my veins  it keeps on compelling me to play. I'll have to go to to seek treatment or should I just play until I'm bored with it.Its fun trying to match colours and riffle through old photos, any way bear with me. I'm still off doing plenty of other things and today hope to do some work on a long awaited quilt for my nephew (whose birthday was half a year ago) so I better get a move on.
Anyway a purple and yellow mosaic  for your visual pleasure!

1.calypso-beads-necklace 2.hyrangea from my garden 3.crochet in progress 5. berries for natural dyeing 6.Royal Adelaide Show 7.WIP passionflower quilt 8.designing passionflower quilt  9 driftwood boat

1 beachplay painting 2.lino printing blue emperor dragonfly 3. gelati fabric flowers 4.leafy sea dragon          5. pomegranates beginnings and  acrylic painting  6.watercolor seaurchin 7 caterpillar in my garden 8. vintage style gift tags 9. naturally dyed scarfs

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  1. I love the look of your mosaics I need to learn how to make them one day, I might become easily addicted too:)


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