Friday, 11 January 2013


Today I have been at my mother in laws recovering her 8 dining chairs. She recently saw on Better Homes and Gardens show the recovering of chairs utilizing a painters drop sheet. The drop sheet is a cream coloured canvas and retails for a fraction of the price that upholstery material retails for.
Armed with my fathers staple gun and a sharp pair of scissors I have managed to recover the said chairs in 3 1/2 hours (that includes 2 ten minute breaks for lunch and a coffee). So all in all not too stressful a time. Once I got into the swing of stapling and not squashing my finger, I progressed quite quickly.

So we went from this tartan green  country style

To something a little more fresh and cooler in appearance (colour and style),
All I did was lay the chair pad over the drop sheet and cut around so as to ensure enough over fold to the back of the chair, about 7 cm.
Then armed with staple gun work from the middle of each side to stretch the fabric evenly over the chair and staple moving outwards progressively on all sides. The corners I cut away slightly V shaped to make it easier to fold and staple the material to the chair. To tidy underneath I then made a template of the chair base 2 cm less than the base size and folded it 1 cm  on the edge to give a clean finish and staple to chair base. Reassemble chair after scotch guarding chair pad

It cost $69 for the drop sheet (and there is enough left over to do my chairs or stamp and make bags)
$6 for the staples
And a can of fabric scotch guard

All under $100.00 and I dont charge for my labour (not to anybody by all appearances)

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