Monday, 7 January 2013

Mosaic to the max

I've gone to town with the photo  mosaicking but after this I promise I'll use it sparingly.
Hope you enjoy the visual feast and its not too much overload

An attempt at garden green theme
1. Adelaide Botanical Garedns 2.Royal Adelaide Show 3.roses for my bed 4.hearts on a wire 5. helebores acrylic painting 7.caterpillar .8.pomegranate acyrilic 9. spent poppy heads

Started off being a white them but ended up more of Christmas red and white
1.redwork stichery and pattern here 2. air dry clay ornaments and  how to 3. Christmas Ornament Swap mouse 4.Christmas Ornament Swap boy mouse 5 wreath one and two 6. botanical gardens 7. chalk drawing
8.gymea ? flower 9 Christmas decorating

Into the pink
1 watercolour flowers2. ink drawing 3. fete produce piggybank 3.passion flower drawing 4. poppy 5.stitchery 6. christmas decoration,7. strawberry 8.watercolour apples 9. hydrangeas

And a touch of the ocean
1.acrylic and shell 2. snorkelling 3.Bluey Burst oil painting 4. noarlunga jetty 5.nature paints its own pictures
6. hatchett fish 7. sea urchin doodle 8. west beach jetty 9.pelican sculpture

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