Saturday, 5 January 2013


I've been doing a little stamping today. I first tried to stamp white fabric ink on to a naturally dyed cotton but it just didn't get the definition of line that I was hoping for, so once it was dried I restamped with black to give a kind of echo effect. It kind of makes the mushroom pop out more. This is just a scrap that I was doing in between stamping a dozen mushroom bags for a friend.

Drying sheets stamped and ready to be set with heat of the iron. Thank goodness it is cooler today

Here is a pomegranate print made up into a pull string bag today, the pink fabric is also naturally dyed with same berries as the brown of the mushroom bags above. Its amazing the differences in colour extracted just a few weeks apart. Same material, same plant!

A here is a photo of my lovely chairs rejuvenated by my father. They make my other chairs look very ugly and make me  very desirous to find some more chairs like these. There is no staining on these chairs just natural wood and wax. I have been instructed to give them a couple more waxes to lift the shine and ensure it penetrates the wood to protect it. I love them!

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