Sunday, 6 January 2013

Mastering Mosaic Sampler

I have just figured out how to use mosaic maker and have uploaded a few images of my past crafts. I'd like to be able to say that this is for your enjoyment (which it partially is) but mainly because I've always wanted to do this but never knew how. Thanks to Sue at The Quince Tree for sending me off in the right direction. You should check out her most amazing photo mosaics in the food and craft arena, so colourful and inspiring - Look at the headers of her page for SAMPLERS and you'll get the full gamut of her creative eye.

1.quilt in progress passionfruit flower quilt 2. sea themed art work found here3. Tasman the Turtle painting I did for my son 4. ink drawing and playing with paper found here 5.Hexagon crochet blanket 2012 6. Apple snug for my sister found here 7. beach collection driftwood boat and coral heart 8. ink doodle 9. Naturally dyed scarves found here

1.redwork stitchery -Wish  2. Roses for my bed 3. Blue emperor dragonfly linoprint and hand painted 4.patchework quilt original design for my daughter based on rose wigg design 5. waratah linoprint 6. bark painting  7.stamped  pillow and hand dyed cotton with recycled wool 8. Butterfly crochet 9. stamping with linoprint

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