Saturday, 19 January 2013

Printing, Dyeing and Op Shopping

Well I've attempted my first silk screen printing.

It's definitely not a success but its not the total dismal failure I originally thought it was. The image I made was a double image of the black design below. 
Initially after exposing my screen and attempting my first print I got nothing at all. So slightly dejected feeling I went to wash off my screen and gave it a bit of a scrub with hot water. As I scrubbed away I noticed that the screen was being exposed a little more and the water was passing  through the screen easier. I couldn't entirely get all the blocking agent to be removed but at least I did obtain some of my pattern. 
Things I learnt from this attempt. 1. Make sure I protect the floor before placing my screen under the bed because now I have to clean up under the bed. 2. Find a photo exposure bulb so I can expose my screen correctly. I exposed my screen in the sunlight and I wasn't sure how long to leave it out there. 3. Make sure I use a slightly thicker image / design, unless I want to go to a printer to expose my screen for me. Fine lines are harder to obtain but I was unsure what the manufacturer meant by fine lines.

 Dye pots

I was out in the back yard and my sisters dog whom was visiting for a few days pulled out  the dried branches of the butterfly plant that my neighbour gave to me at Christmas for decoration. It has lovely green seed heads and attract butterflies to its scent. The seed heads had dried and as they layed on the lawn I wondered if I could extract some colour from them. The appear to have given off a yellow dye and have since thrown them and some material into a bucket to ferment for a while.

 These are cottons I have dyed in the last week.

Yellow from pomegranate
Pink / purple from ivy berries
pale orange from berries
Grey from eucalyptus

Co incidentally yesterday I received my copy of ecocolour by India Flint  and have been devouring its pages... her blog can be found here.
Inspired I took the dog for a walk over the back hill to collect some new colour. I picked fennel heads and know that I 'd get yellow - green dye from it.
The wind blowing through the grasses was quite therapeutic sounding

I picked this weed seed heads (below) and cooked up  a pot that is russet in colour

I had to photograph the thistle heads even though I didnt pick them (no room in my bag), because they are so beautiful.

 Also did a couple of hours of op shopping with a girl friend and found some blue and white crockery for my sister. A Johnston brothers and 3 Alfred Meakin cup and saucers sets. And some lovely pianola rolls (bargain at $3 each)  I'm thinking Ill use the paper to draw on and wrap presents and the reel will be used to wrap yarns around

 And a lovely green vase to sit with my other green glasses, all thrifted items, all under $5 each.

Take care I'm off to read my fab book. I'll show you sometime during the week. Its inspiring and makes me drool with possibility...

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