Friday, 4 January 2013

Heat Wave

Its heating up and the mercury is soaring! Today hit 39C and tomorrow a cool 41C.

The last few days have been warm tinged to hot but very bearable especially when you head off down to the beach.  I have frequented one of my all time favourite beaches at Southport in South Australia in the last few days. Its a mini escape and only takes 20 minutes to get there. Generally its not an overly populated beach mainly inhabited by surfies and those that don't mind a walk to get to the beach. The walk in itself is picturesque meandering through the dunes and considerably easier since a board walk has been built. I remember trekking through the hot sand that seared your feet if you weren't properly attired. Snakes rarely are a problem but it always pays to be mindful of watching for them even though I have never seen one on the path yet.

The Onkaparinga River connects with the sea at Southport and is over shadowed by reddened cliffs following the line of the river. The river is flows rapidly with the change of tide and makes for the best fun drifting down the river on boogie boards, looking up into those luscious red sandstone cliff faces.

Lots of birds inhabit the river area and some nest  in the cliff faces.

The river is important to the fisheries, salmon run the river to breed as well as being a prime habitat for brim.
I used to take the children further up river where you were always guaranteed a bite from the small fish.

Today I pitched my Moana tent - a big canvas stripped tent that always provides plenty of shade from the blistering heat. I bought myself yet another tent for Christmas, my third one as my second tent mysteriously went missing after being lent out ( and I cant remember whom I lent it to) Lesson learnt this tent will be for my own personal use and not lent out to anybody.

My tent looks a little bent but that because I was using my panoramic view on my camera and sweeping across the length of the beach. Well plenty more opportunities to get to the beach as the mercury will be consistently hitting forty during the week ahead. Slip Slop Slap ... Protect from the sun and hydrate!

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