Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cross Quilt

My naturally dyed fabrics have been cut and sewn at cross purposes!
I've been hankering to use some of my recent fabric dyed materials and used four of the five colours I've produced   The light and dark pink are the same berry picked weeks apart . The grey is eucalypti and the green / yellow is fennel. I must say that I used the fennel heads, instead of the green leaf this time and the material stank as it was fermenting and when it came out of the bucket. I stupidly didn't wear gloves and even after washing my hands they still reeked of fennel. Phew wee!!!! 

The top of the quilt (above)

(The bottom of the quilt) No patttern , just piecing larger than the top so there is plenty of room for movement when placing the layers together.

(My quick plan for the quilt, so that I wouldnt get lost on the way. You can see I added two extra lines later, I decided the quilt wasnt big enough.

The materials before use.

Organizing rows to be sewn  

Working on my next quilt design. I'm calling it industry. The stacks of triangle kind of remind me of warehouse buildings. I'm going to swap the large square blocks with the block of smaller triangles below and see what that looks like.
The black and white print below is my next attempt at silk screening (maybe) I'll at least make a stamp of it.

A this is a line drawing that I thought I would sew as a cushion. I picked up the lovely paper in an op shop yesterday

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