Friday, 18 January 2013

Free Downloadable Calender

I've been visiting Jezze prints here and saw her reference to valentina Ramos and her free downloadable calender which I love. Jezze has photographed it more thoughtfully, but its 5 in the morning I don't really care too much at the moment about my photography. The boys have gone off to early morning swimming squad and every body has to wake up with them at 4.30 am, so here I am with some time to spare and not a lot of inclination.
The photos of the calender!

I'd accidentally printed off 2 copies of  December sand decided a quick watercolour to compare the difference. My personal preference is for black and white, but that might just be my colour choices

Still working on my silk screen but need a photo-bulb to flood expose my screento light. I will purchase the bulb today and then maybe I can print some stuff...Stay tuned

A little bit of wall and ceiling love for you. My girlfriend and I were in Handorf, a small town in the hills of Adelaide, settled by German setllers and rich with grape growing and an artist community.
I fell in love with the tin walls and ceilings in some of the original cottages which thankfully havent been destroyed for new and modern.

These patterns inspire, they'd make a lovely design repeated on material dont you think?

And i couldn't walk past this set of loveliness. A set of 6 dinner plates, bread and butter plate and cake plate for $20. Love it!

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