Friday, 11 January 2013

Languish in the Creem

 You remember Brylcreem don't you? I suspect most of you wouldn't  It was one of the first recognizable mens styling creams used to slick back the hair " ïn a natural style", the hair was often styled with a flick back ridge at the front or a comb back somewhat like Fonzie in Happy Days (I suspect another TV show that you won't remember). Anyway yesterday I was given a jar of Brylcreem.. except that it was filled with buttons! Joy! I do love to collect buttons and have them arrayed in Fowlers Preserving jars in a rainbow of colours. There were mainly white buttons  but one particular green button caught my eye. So I ripped out my green button jar and started arranging the buttons (as you do) into a heart shape. The green button I scored in the jar is the central one below the bow and above the shell.

A heart shape rock I picked up last week on the beach and proceeded to paint. This heart is now living on a drift wood boat - all hearts at sea!

This heart is all tied up in knots! Something I made years ago.

And doodling hearts and playing with names for my etsy shop, which I may or may not do, but am at least considering. I was thinking of calling it Languish - kind of encourages you to lounge for a while, bathe yourself in  the beauty of your surrounding, be comfortable...?? Apparently by definition means to become weak and to try to extract sympathy by becoming insipid .Or perhaps Moneclectic. An eclectic mix of me.  Thoughts anyone.


Languish in a summer dream
Drift upon a sultry breeze
Float on thoughts, 
a soothing balm
Retreat from shards of light and winters frost
Ice melts, tinkering rivulets drip, 
pooling eddies, swift
A mixture of thought twists with emotion
Bent, tired old tree
Rest a while and sit with me.

By me

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